PMDG 777 Data and Event Server

Data and Event Server for PMDG 777

This is basicaly the same program, with the same features as the the DataEventServer for PMDG 737 NGX. Read about the the program there.

Of cause, the Variable-, Event names and indexes differ, but that should not be a problem.

Additions / Differences


The B777X has 3 CDU’s. If you want to use the CDU key-to-event translation facility the Centre CDU will use the SIOC variable CDULeft + 1.

So if you use the Left (Captain) CDU but not the Center CDU, leave this Variable reserverd.


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Audio control panel selected receiver flags.

The data field for Comm RecieverSwitches contain bit values that are OR’d according to the table from the SDK below.


#define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFL               0x0001
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFC               0x0002
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_VHFR               0x0004
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_FLT                0x0008
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_CAB                0x0010
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_PA                 0x0020
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_HFL                0x0040
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_HFR                0x0080
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_SAT1               0x0100
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_SAT2               0x0200
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_SPKR               0x0400
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_VOR_ADF            0x0800
#define ACP_SEL_RECV_APP                0x1000

The EventDataServer internal index of these fields are:


COMM_ReceiverSwitches_0 , index 393 (Captain)
COMM_ReceiverSwitches_1 . index 394 (FO)
COMM_ReceiverSwitches_2 , index 395 (Obeserver)