PMDG 747 QOTSII DataEventServer

You can now use Arduino to build panel hardeare for PMDG 747 QOTS.

Today I released the 747 QOTSII DataEventServer programs.

I made both, a version for SIOC and a version for Serial Interface (Arduino, but ofcause not limited to Arduino)

These are 2 separate programs.
But both have a TCP/IP server that allows you to receive PMDG 747 Data and send commands (events) to the 747 over the network.

This server interface is used by the 2 other programs I released for the 747.

Virtual CDU and CDU screen only program. These program can run on any computer in your network. I used the Virtual CDU on a cheap W10 tablet and on a laptop with touch screen.

The screen only program allows you to connect the screen of your hardware CDU on a separate computer.

For the time being I will not write more about these programs as they are basicaly the same as the PMDGNGX versions. So read about them, how to operate and how to use them with SIOC  or with Arduino/Serial interface on the NGX pages of this blog.