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NEWS June 2019

The freestanding CDU software has been improved and is now available for 737, 747 and soon for 777X

NEWS for B 777X users.

The PMDGDataEventServer for B777 now includes the CDU screen data. This data is not published in the official SDK but member Reinhard Krakow found out it can be accessed.

I alos released a 777 version of the virtual CDU.

The screen only version of the CDU for 747 works for the 777.

The freestanding CDU software (see below) has been improved and is now available for 737NGX, 747QOTSII and soon for 777X

NEWS May 2019

Big news for cockpit builders.
Our member Ireneusz Niemirowski (Irek) developed a complete freestanding network based CDU unit.
Until now our CDU’s needed a connection to a video output and a keyboard (fsio key or arduino keyboard). Irek’s created a freestanding CDU unit that connects over TCP/IP to the PMDGDataEventServer. So no need for a video output etc.

You can find his excelent explanation obout this project here:

Nov 9, 2018

Today I released :

  • DataEventServers for the PMDG 747 QOTSII.  read about it.
  • Updated version of the PMDGDataEventServer for PMDG 737 NGX.
  • Updated versions of the Virtual CDU, and the ScreenOnly programs for 737 and 747.

As before, find the download link via the forum.

Okt 30, 2018

New Versionof PMDGDataEventServer for SIOC (1.03D). NOW in download!

Added Network interface to allow Network based hard- and software to connect to PMDGDataEventServer. The SIOC part is unchanged.

Virtual CDU and CDUScreen program available as well.

Read about it: PMDGDataEventServer  Virtual CDU and CDUScreen

Feb 27, 2018

New version of PMDGDataEventServer for SIOC. Version 1.3D


We discovered that a few EVENT mnemonics exceed the 40 character limit of the SIOC comment field. The only way to deal with this issue is to change (some) of the mnemonics to fit the 40 character limit. I made a correction in the code that generates the event names for the table and script reading, only for names that are > 40 characters.

This is the ‘algorithm’ I use:

  • Change GUARD into GRD
  • if that does not do the job: change STAND into STND
  • if still not down to 40 characters: change CONTROL int CNTRL
    This way has minimum impact on the readability for the event names


I changed the way to request PMDGDataEventServer to send data value multiply by 100.
The reason is that SIOC on the fly script compiler deletes the , even from the comment part of a source line. If compiled with Edit Script the comma’s are not deleted.

From version 1.3D on you need to put the * immediately behind the PMDG data mnemonic. NO SPACE! Like in example below.

Version 1.3D: Var 606, name Flaps // MAIN_TEFlapsNeedle_0*

July 13:

IOControl Rev 9.35

PMDGDataEventServer Rev 1.D1

  • Added code to facilitate using .lst file to build your SIOC script. Read here.
    You need IOControl version 9.35 and PMDGDataEventServer 1.D1. (now in download)
  • Added facility to identify LED number in IOControl vers 9.35

Aptil 10:

Added some code to help you test Events and Data from the input line of the PMDGDataEventServer for Arduino. You will need to download the new version of the program (1.26.ST.D) that I uploaded today.

March 28: Added a description how to test Arduino2SIOC server.

March 28:2017

I added a chapter about testing Arduino2SIOC server with SIOC. You need to download the version of the program that I uploaded yesterday.

Feb 9, 2017

I added a page about the General IO and General input cards. All testing is done and the cards are ok.

Jan 31, 2017

I added a new page about the EFIS panel hardware for FSIO.

Jan 10, 2017

  • New Micro code for FSIO CPU card
  • New IOControl program for the changed microcode

Micro Code rev 72

We discovered some problems on the input SPI operations. Long cable’s or cable with different characteristics causing some different signal delays caused one bit shift in from the input. This could be incidental of permanent.

Analysis showed that the SPI mode for the MAX7219 chips and the 74–165 chips needed to be different. Output required SPI Mode 00 and input required SPI Mode 10,

I corrected this in the new microcode.

When the analogue inputs of the CPU card are left open they pick up a lot of noise. That is why I recommend to make a connecter with short to ground for all analogue inputs.

I now made a change to the microcode not to scan an analogue port unless this port is configured in the SIOC script. Then I assume some circuit is connected to this port. To facilitate this IOControl had to be changed to send a Analogue MASK to the CPU with only the configured channels selected.

IOControl Rev 9.30

The only change here is sending the analogue mask to facilitate the new microcode.

Go to the forum and download the new versions.

Okt 5, 2016

  • New version of PMDGDataEventServer for SIOC
  • New version of PMDGDataEventServer for Serial Interface (Arduino)
  • TCP/IP server interface added to PMDGDataEventServer for Serial Interface
    Program revision : 1.23.ST.D
  • Virtual CDU for Windows PC/Pad

The last couple of weeks I have been programming and testing a new version of the PMDGDataEventServer, both for SIOC connection and Arduino (serial connection)

This new version is specificaly made for PMDG 737 NGX with SP1D. With that SP there also came an updated SDK. Although the (older) version of the PMDGDataEvent server that was made with SP1C still works on SP1D there are enough reasons to make a version with the newly released SP1D SDK.

Both versions are now in my dowloads that you can reach through my forum

The biggest change in the PMDG SP1D SDK is that they made the CDU screen content availble. So now it is possible to build an external CDU without having to get the CSU diplay by means of screen scraping or extra screen connected to your computer.

There is no real way I can get this data to SIOC, and to be honnest it is a lot of data to refresh the screen. This is why I decided to make the CDU screen data available through the Serial (Arduino) versione of the PMDGDataEventServer. Is should be obvious that the program can be used by any device that can connect through serial port (through USB-Serial chips)

People using SIOC can run both programa in paralel, no problem.

You can read about the in the pages about the PMDGDataEventServer for serial devices

The real big news about this version.

I decided to extend the PMDGDataEventServer with a TCP/IP server interface. Now it is a real server that you can reach over the network.

Ofcause I needed some means to test this interface myself. So I decided to make a CDU on my computer that uses this TCP/IP server interface to get all the data it and send keystrokes to the DataEventServer.

Virtual CDU

The result is a fully functional virtual CDU that runs a Windows PC or laptop preferable with a touch screen. Here is a demo of it on YouTube

So this shows the possibilities of the new PMDGDataEventServer. Now you can make your own hardware CDU using some other computer/screen like the Raspberry Pi or so. Both interfaces Serial of TCP/IP offer all Data and Events that the SDK provides.

Let me know if you did, I’m very curious.

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