Virtual CDU and CDUScreen

CDU Screen

One of the challenges building a cockpit based on PMDG is the fact that the cockpit screens like PFD, CDU… etc. cannot be offloaded to another computer. They need to be on the main FSX computer. This is why people turn to Pro-Sim. This is an expensive option as Pro-Sim doubled their price to ~€1200.

With the network interface into PMDG Data we can at least offload the CDU screens to other computers.


With the CDU screen data available on the TCP/IP server interface we I build a screen based CDU. The Virtual CDU program I made can run on any Windows (laptop) or Windows Tablet (with or without) touch screen on your FSX network.

I made 2 versions of the virtual CDU.

In the downloads you find a Virtual CDU program for Windows. It is fully functioning on my Windows pad laptop with detachable touch screen. This is a full functioning screen based CDU. You can run this on any computer in your Simulator network. This is a real demonstration of the function of the TCP/IP server interface. The program receives Data (screen and indicator) and sends Event (key pushes).

I hereby invite Android programmers to create a virtual CDU for Android pads. Would be wonderful to have the possibility to have an cheap Android pad with full functioning CDU.

There is also a CDU screen only version .

You now can get you CDU screen of any PC in your FS network, so you do not need to get the screen from a detached CDU screen on the FSX PC of use screen scraping.

The screen is borderless and fully sizable.

With this program you can create your own hardware CDU without the need for screen scraping for the display. The demo it put on YouTube was recorded with connection over Wi-Fi.

The PMDGDataEventServer screen of the new version:

PMDGDataEventServer 2.01

I added L7 and R7

L7 – Here you specify the port number that the program listens’ for incoming connection request from network devices. Make sure the port number is not in use within your network.

R7 – This will initiate the CDU data to be displayed in a little window below the main window. This is just the RAW data, not the actiual screen. Only used to check if CDU data is being received.

You can see that I use port 8094 and at this time there are 2 clients (connections) active.

NOTE:  D O   N O T   F O R G E T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most reports on “PMDGDataEventServer” not working were caused by not setting the Broadcast in the 737NGX_Options.ini file.

Below is copied from the PMDG SDK.

// to enable the data sending from the NGX.
// Add any of these lines to the [SDK] section of the 737NGX_Options.ini file:
// to enable the contents of the corresponding CDU screen to be sent to external programs.

Port setting

In the above picture at L7 you see that I used port 8094 for the Network Connection. You can set the port number to any port number as long as you know what you are doing. Ofcause, the portnumber you set in the client programs like Virtual CDU need to match that.

If the port number is set to 0, the TCP/IP server is not started at all.

Initialy, when you start the program for the first time, the port number is set to 0, thus Line 7 will read, “Server not started”.

Enter 8094 on the input line and press L7. You need to restart the program.


Put the files that you find in the download in a separate directory. No install in needed. Keep the files together. DataEventServer.exe and .dll are a pair. I do not change the DLL often but just to be sure.

Start your FS + PMDG the usual way. You would not need SIOC at this time but if you set it to start automaticaly it’t ok.

If it is automaticaly started, stop the PMDGDataEventServer that you are using until now.

Start the beta – PMDGDataEventServer.exe.
The first time you need to agree on the EULA by answering YES<Enter> (case sensitive).

Enter 8094 in the input line and press L7
Restart PMDGDataEventServer.exe.

Connect to FSX with PMDG running.

Start the Virtual CDU.
Below is the opening screen. If you start the program on a separate computer, put the IP adress or your FS computer on the input line and press L3. Otherwise leave it ‘local host’.

Select the CDU you want to control by pressing L4 of R4

Press R6, CONNECT.

If connected AND the PMDGDataEventServer is connected to FS/PMDG the program will send L1 key. Be aware that you will not receive a screen as long as nothing changes in PMDG screen.

Virtual CDU


You can start the same program for the other CDU.
MAKE SURE you select the other CDU. (If you start the same CDU a second time, the last one will overwrite and winn the Data).


Try the Screen only CDU.

The first time you start it you might get an error. Just continue, I’m working on it.

2018-09-24 15_06_06-CDU Screen Only

Make sure IP and Port are set correctly and you select the CDU screen you want to see.

Also make a note of the way you can manipulate the window, once you are connected the help will disappear.

  • Move: Grab the with the mouse on the top.
  • Resize: Use mouse from lower right corner.
  • End Program: Double Click lower left corner (need some practice).
  • Fill Screen: Double Click Top.
  • Back To Window Mode: Double Click Top.


The beta software can be downloaded throug the forum as always.